World Wide EV Milestone!

by Nick Carney on September 20, 2022 Categories: News

These past couple of months EV's have hit a huge milestone, 10% of global car sales, this market shift shows us that the adoption of electric vehicles is taking place rapidly in the automotive world. 

Throughout August Tesla was the 4th highest selling car in all of Australia, now this might not sound like a big thing but for a country that has so many people sitting there saying “you can’t drive an EV across the desert” (because everyone does that right?) or “I won’t be able to tow my caravan out bush with an EV” this is a great milestone & it just shows that the misconception of EV’s is slowly diminishing.  

It’s no wonder the uptake of EV’s is happening so rapidly, what’s not to love? Fuel savings, smaller environmental impact, servicing costs & registration. 

BYD and Tesla are still leading the movement & we expect this to stay this way for a while, BYD are determined to surpass Tesla sales, & they’re coming in hot for the passing, but it will be interesting to see how they go with the following that Tesla has. 

Also over the past month BYD ATTO 3’s have started being delivered to Australian customers. After dropping the ball with warranties & servicing costs a lot of customers did cancel their order, moving a fair few customers up the queue rapidly! 


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