About Us

EV Towing Australia is an Australian-owned business that provides the whole of the Electric Vehicle (EV) community with high quality good old fashioned Australian Made products & Aussie customer service. After trying to source a tow-bar for our own EV & being blown away by the prices we though there has to be a market for people not wanting to spend ludicrous amounts of money on a tow-bar! Soon after EV Towing Solutions was born.


We've started our journey with the most popular models of EV's across the globe, Tesla. After working closely with our designers, fabricators & engineers on what the best way to tackle this process would be, we've ironed out all the small bumps and have started producing batches of 20 bars for each model per run we do. 

Our goal is to be the first name people think of when they need a tow-bar for their EV! To ensure that this is the case, once a bar is designed, fabricated and engineered we start on the next model. Each model takes roughly a month from design through to engineering, meaning we are able to produce a minimum of 12 different models per year, this will increase over time to keep up with the demand of EV popularity.